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 DSL - Digital Subscriber Line refers to the technology used between a customer's premises and the telephone company, enabling more bandwidth over the already installed copper cabling than users have traditionally had.

 With this high speed connection clients can enjoy speed rates in multiples of 100 Kilobytes per second. Clients can choose from the ADSL and SDSL options.

 - ADSL is the choice for a connection that can handle voice and data at the same time
on the other hand handles data and voice separately.

 Other Features:

Always-on connectivity means the internet is instantly available anytime on your desktop.

  - Fast large file download - quick delivery of digital content economically over the internet.

  - Voice and video conferencing are more practical with the high-speed and always-on capabilities.

  - Secure link to company network using virtual private technology with real-time information delivery.


Global Internet Roaming


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