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   Stay in touch with your family, friends and business associates with our excellent email services. Receive your mails through your mail server managed remotely by the metrong team, or through our server.

 All Internet accounts provided by metrong come with email accounts as a standard feature. However provision is also made for clients who are interested in purchasing  email accounts only.The services and benefits are:

Basic Email Accounts : Clients can choose to have email addresses of the format  "name@metrong.com" or whatever choice of address they desire.

Corporate Email Accounts : Metrong offers email services to corporate clients who have domain names. The client can have an unlimited number of email accounts all at the specified domain name i.e  "name@domainname". All mail monitoring and maintenance is done in house by a team of mail experts.

Storage Capacity : Clients have a mailbox capacity of 10Mb. However in cases where clients receive large mails, additional storage space is made available to them.

Webmail  : With the webmail, clients can access their mail boxes from any computer connected to the internet. Webmail can also be used to view mails from other email accounts owned by the clients. Webmail makes it possible for clients to check their mails from ther PDA's and mobile phones with internet access.

Mailing Lists : The  Metrong Service supports mailing lists through which clients can exchange general information and ideas.

Spam Control : A  spam control system is maintained where clients report spam mails to metrong. Incoming and outgoing mails are filtered and spam mails blocked.

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