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  Virtual LANs (VLANs) offer significant benefits in terms of efficient use of bandwidth, flexibility, performance, and security. VLAN technology functions by logically segmenting the network into different broadcast domains so that packets are only switched between ports that are designated for the same VLAN. Thus, by containing traffic originating on a particular LAN only to other LANs within the same VLAN, switched virtual networks avoid wasting bandwidth, a drawback inherent in traditional bridged/switched networks where packets are often forwarded to LANs that do not require them. This approach also improves scalability, particularly in LAN environments that support broadcast- or multicast-intensive protocols and applications that flood packets throughout the network.

 There are several benefits to using VLANs. To summarize, VLAN architecture benefits include:

  -  Increased performance
  -  Improved manageability
  -  Network tuning and simplification of software configurations
  -  Physical topology independence
  -  Increased security options



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