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  Metrong provides  VPN - virtual private network which uses public telecom networks like the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network.  Customers can aggregate multiple access methods including: dial, dsl, E1 and ISDN.

  VPNs are an affordable and scalable alternative to owned or leased lines that can only be used by one company.

 The VPN solutions from metrong are divided into three:

 Client Managed VPN: If your company will be managing and deploying its own VPN solution, Metrong can assist you by providing secure, reliable, and affordable network access.

 CPE Based VPN: Your company is looking for a CPE/Equipment based VPN solution that you may manage internally or have us manage for you.

 Network Based VPN:If your company is evaluating a fully managed VPN solution with little or no capital expenditures for equipment and setup. Metrong provides a solution that works best for you. Networked based VPN solutions are completely managed and configured by the Metrong with all of the VPN intelligence on our network.


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